Four Basic Training Exercises You Can Do At Home

Four Basic Training Exercises You Can Do At Home

Training your dog does not always have to be dry or dull. You can do basic dog training exercises at home with your pooch that are both engaging and fun. If you want help with more advanced exercises or just set the foundation for proper dog obedience training, you can do so with our experienced trainers at All Dog Adventures.


Pulling on the leash

When you walk your dog, do they end up walking you? Here is an exercise designed to help them from pulling on the leash. Start by tossing a treat out of their reach. Now start walking toward the treat and stop any time they start to pull. Wait for your dog to stop pulling, and reward them when they stop pulling and look back at you. Repeat these steps as you walk toward the treat on the ground.



Teaching a dog house manners is quite simple. SMART stands for See, Mark, and Reward Training, and you start by loading up a jar or pouch with dog treats. While you prepare for your day, prep dinner, or just relax around your house, pay attention to your dog. Without prompting or cueing them to do anything specific, reward them for doing something you like. This could be sitting down, looking at you, or not jumping on you or somebody else. Repeat this until all 50 treats are gone.


Clicker training

Clicker training can be implemented into any one of these exercises. The only difference is instead of just giving them a treat, you click a clicker before doing so. This will condition your dog to associate a neutral stimulus like a clicker with an unconditioned stimulus like treats. This then makes a clicker a conditioned stimulus meaning every time they hear a click, they expect a treat.


The Name Game

This exercise is especially useful for puppy owners. The Name Game consists of giving your dog a treat whenever they look at you or comes to their name. Say your dog’s name repetitively and reward them with a treat whenever your dog looks at you or comes to you. Simple!

These are just a few basic dog training exercises you can do at home with your dog to make them more obedient and strengthen the bond between you both. If you want to take your dog obedience training to the next level, contact All Dog Adventures today to schedule your first dog training session.

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