A Guide to the Different Kinds Of Training for Dogs We Offer

A Guide to the Different Kinds Of Training for Dogs We Offer

At All Dog Adventures, we understand that every dog is unique and requires personalized training to reach his or her full potential. That's why our Richmond, VA puppy training organization offers several different kinds of training to meet the needs of all dog owners and their four-legged loved ones. Whether your dog is just starting his or her learning journey or is ready to tackle advanced classes, we go beyond just basic obedience dog training.

Follow this guide to determine which of our classes is right for your pup and contact us to sign up!


Beginner: Life Skills Training Level One

If you’re looking for puppy training, or your dog is brand new to basic obedience dog training, then Level One of our Life Skills Training program is perfect! This beginner stage of our eight-week foundational skills program is designed to introduce your dog to new concepts either through a virtual or on-site environment. Teach your pup basic puppy training with this program and enjoy both one free daycare day and access to online companion courses.


Intermediate: Life Skills Training Level Two

If your dog has already been through basic obedience dog training or has completed our Level One course, the Life Skills Training Level Two program offers the next level of skills development. Enjoy the same benefits of Level One and help your pup continue his or her progress toward total training mastery. This course goes beyond basic dog training and starts going into more advanced territory.


Advanced: Life Skills Training Level Three

Once your dog has mastered basic obedience dog training and is ready for more mental stimulation, the Life Skills Training Level Three course is the opportunity to refine his or her skills further. This advanced training program ensures that your dog continues to improve and excel. Like the previous levels, Level Three includes one free daycare day and access to online companion courses so your dog can be the best companion possible.


Elite Dog Training Classes

For pups who have completed the entire Life Skills Program, he or she has graduated to our other Advanced Classes. These take the concepts learned during basic obedience dog training and expand upon them to challenge and stimulate your dog mentally and physically. Our dedicated trainers can assist in a variety of areas, including agility, rally obedience, tricks, competitive obedience, and more.


Get started today and prioritize your dog's development with All Dog Adventures’ comprehensive training options! Discover the joy of having a well-behaved and confident dog by your side. Contact us to learn more about our basic obedience dog training programs and help your dog be a healthier version of themselves!

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