Why Doggy Daycare is Better Than Leaving Your Dog At Home

Why Doggy Daycare is Better Than Leaving Your Dog At Home

No pet likes to be left alone in the house all day long. Pets crave interaction and exercise; when they are left alone, they have no one to play with or give them the attention they deserve. Doggy daycares are the perfect solution for your lonely pet. Whether you are just going to work or going on a long vacation, you can travel easily knowing your dog is getting the attention and play time they need at All Dog Adventures in Richmond, VA.


Play Time

Dogs love to walk and play, when they are at home, they don’t get to do any of those things, especially in a kennel. At All Dog Adventures, we provide two-hour rotations; two hours of rest followed by two hours of play with our dog boarding. Depending on when your dog arrives, he or she can get around four to six hours of playtime!



At All Dog Adventures, we understand how important it is for your furry friend to have plenty of love and attention. Our staff is passionate about animals and dedicated to providing your pup with the best possible care while you are away. We ensure your dog is well-looked after and gets plenty of human interaction to keep them happy and healthy.



Dogs are such sociable animals, so we introduce our pups to many furry friends at All Dog Adventures! Not only is it fun for them to make new buddies, but it also helps pets who might have trouble getting along with other dogs to ease into it gradually. We socialize our dogs in groups of ten or fewer, so they have many opportunities to meet new playmates.



We also offer training programs here at All Dog Adventures to help strengthen the connection between pet and owner. Even when they are in our care, we help train your dog with simple obedience training and reinforcement of positive habits through our Manners Program.

We encourage you to try our pet daycare and boarding services so you can travel anywhere knowing your favorite pup is taken care of. Our 6500-square-foot facility includes a playground, privacy screens, and tall fences to ensure your dog plays safely. All Dog Adventures also creates playgroups based on size and temperament to ensure each group gets along with each other perfectly. Register your pooch with us today to give them a safe place to play while you are away.

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