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Introducing Day School! Enroll Now!

All Dog Adventures is pleased to offer day school for your favorite furry student! Sign your dog up today for one of our limited spots in All Dog Adventures Day School. Day School is for all dogs, young and old! Day School is a full-day program. Your dog will be with the other Day School dogs and receive 3 private training sessions throughout the day along with plenty of time to socialize and play with the rest of the class.

  • Day School 1 Week - $500
  • Any Additional Weeks (now or in the future) - $450
  • Day School w/ E-Collar 2 Weeks Only - One Time Charge of $200

What to expect:

  • Consultation call with our trainers about your dog's current situation and our training plan
  • Drop off at 8 am and pick up anytime after 4:00 pm.
  • Reports outlining the training we worked on and suggestions for exercises at home to reinforce these lessons
  • Fun activities for the group in between training
  • Photos from the day!
  • Go-Home Lesson at the end of your dog's stay

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Want to get started on training, but don't have time to come to class?

Try Day School or Board and Train. A trainer will work with your dog for 3 training sessions per day, and the dog will also get some practice by being a "demo" dog in some of our group classes. Our trained staff will know exactly what your dog is working on, and will reinforce those habits when taking the dog out for exercise. Between the trainers, the class, and our staff, your dog will be getting training throughout the day.

Each week, our trainer will have a 1 on 1, 30-minute session with the owner. We will send video updates of progress and what we are working on.

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How do we get started with Board & Train?

Call us to set up a consultation today. We will discuss your dog's current level of training, and what you hope to accomplish. Unless we need to work on a specific trait, our trainers will take your dog through our award-winning Life Skills Program. Board and Train is typically sold in 1 or 2-week segments. Monday- Friday. The dog can either go home every night or stay with us, you choose. Going away for just one week and want your dog to brush up on training? Give us a call!

  • Board and Train 1 Week - $600
  • Board and Train 2 Weeks - $1,100
  • Board and Train w/ E-Collar 2 Weeks Only - One Time Charge of $200

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What You Should Expect at the End of the Training Stay

Two Weeks of one on one training will give your dog a great head start on the basics, but the work is not done! All dogs are different, and they all enter our program with a different skill level. Our trainers will deliver notes on each days progress and the skills that we worked on. At the end of the Boar and Train stay, there is a second consultation where we will review the progress made and the next steps. You'll go home with a good game plan and actionable skill based games to work on with your dog. Once board and train begins, there will be no cash refunds. If you have to miss time, we are happy to credit your account so you can use our services another time.

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